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Mention the heyday of Pennsylvania Avenue to any Baltimore native born in 1950 or earlier and you are sure to hear tales of limos, lined up one after the other on "The Avenue". Restaurants dished out Soul Food and Seafood with equal parts gusto. Nightclubs jumped with all the electricity of the latest dances. Big names in Black entertainment, business, education and politics showed up to see and be seen on The Avenue.

A large concentration of historic Black churches settled in the area prior to and after the Civil War. Pennsylvania Avenue African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church was one of those historic Black churches to be established on “The Avenue.” As “The City’s Church” today, the Penn Ave Church is committed to helping our Members and the Community whether local, state, regional, national, or international; to connect with one another, grow, and receive the benefits and blessings from a committed relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope you enjoy our Gallery and be sure to visit it often as we will be adding to our stories through visual art about our Church and our Communities.

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Church Photographer: Brother Bobby Burns

We thank Brother Bobby Burns, our Church Photographer for his leadership and service; and for sharing his talents and gifts in photography with all of us.

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