It’s Another Day’s Journey and I’m Glad

Anger is a major concern in our society today. People are angry and they feel justified in being angry. However, there are reasons to be glad and to bring some good news… This is the day that God has made… Let us rejoice and be glad in it. This Psalms message is one of Thanksgiving. It is a celebration of Passover. It declares the goodness of the Lord. This is the very day that God acted. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

1) You have a right to praise the Lord. We are celebrating Jesus Christ. Jesus stood in solidarity with the oppressed. He was saying, “our lives matter.” No one can take this right from you. No one should try to silence you.

2) You have the right to give God praise. We have all had some amazing experiences; and have also been through some trials, tribulations, and situations. However, God has delivered us from them all. We have a reason to give God praise. Don’t let anyone steal or take away your reasons to praise God. It is another day’s journey.

3) You have responsibility to praise God. Jesus is the only hope that we have. We have a responsibility to serve him and to give honor to God. Our worship, praise, expressions, and singing is serving God. We must go back and help others to get to know God. We have a responsibility to help others to learn how to serve God. God has created us to praise him. Let’s all take responsibility for giving God praise. He is worthy to be praised. Enjoy today’s journey. Amen.