The Voice of Victory

Today’s message shares with us a voice of victory. This is a voice that we need to hear. The voice of victory lives in each of us. We have a testimony after all that we have been through. You are an overcomer, achiever, and more than a conqueror. In Matthew’s 28, the disciples were disappointed and felt pain after Jesus was crucified. Let’s take time to pause and pay attention to the pain we experience in life. Victory is always sweeter when we understand defeat. Pause and allow time for this thought – the pain we experience… allow this thought to sink in. Have you ever had a season in your life where you had pain, a challenging situation, sickness, family crisis, or life challenge that brought you great pain? At that moment, we may just want to run away and hide. However, a better day will come. In Matthew’s 28, when the women came and announced that Jesus was no longer in the tomb, and that he had risen, the disciples did not believe them. The disciples thought, what if this is true? What if Jesus is alive? Can we take on the voice of victory? Is this your testimony or story today… that no one gave you a shout at winning… a voice of victory?

Key points: the voice of victory is:

1. The sound of recovery. All of us are recovering from something. Jesus went to the cross for us and rose from the dead. This is a sound of recovery. This is good news for us. We can recover from our life circumstances... hear the sound of recovery. Jesus saves. Jesus saves. We are saved by Jesus' grace.

2. The sigh of relief. It is a terrible burden to carry pain every day. Jesus already paid the price and fought the battle for you. You can now breathe a sigh of relief. The women who went to Jesus' tomb found solace in one another. They realized that they did not have to go through their pain by themselves. We are victorious through Christ Jesus. We can find comfort in Jesus.

3. The shout of resilience. We may weeble and wobble - but we don't always fall down. When we fall down, most often, we are able to get back up. It is nonsense when you believe that you are supposed to be subjected to a life of defeat. We can shout to God with a shout of joy. Jesus is alive. He died, he rose, and he is alive. This is good news for us. We have not been nailed to an old rugged cross, had a crown of thorns placed on our head, and been buried in a tomb. Yet we are overcoming life's challenges and experiencing a life of resilience. When we fall, we can get back up again with a shout of resilience. With Jesus, you are on the winning team. Be an overcomer. Be more than a conqueror. Be a winner. Be on the winning team. In Christ Jesus, victory is yours. Today, victory is yours. Walk in your victory. Victory! Victory! Victory! Speak with the voice of victory. Amen.