Senior Brigade


In 1994, Bishop Dennis V. Proctor, Sr. … then the Reverend Dr. Dennis V. Proctor, Sr. organized the Senior Brigade Ministry. Deaconess Margaret West was appointed President under his leadership. Deaconess West had she courage and determination to bring a group of energetic and enthusiastic Seniors together. Following her leadership term, Sister Beatrice Williams served as President.

Today the Senior Brigade is in its 22nd year and led Sister Edna Rouse, who was appointed President by the Reverend Dr. Lester A. McCorn. The mission of this ministry is to empower seniors age 55 and over with opportunities to remain active, fellowship, share their talents and gifts, pray and care for others, and live the Christian message of loving God, self, and others for the world to see and say – Yes We Can!

Senior Brigade meetings are held on Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. at Penn Ave Church.

Main Activities

The meetings and events include:


Sister Edna Rouse

Senior Brigade members are affiliated with Penn Ave Church and other Churches in the Baltimore metropolitan area. For more information contact Sister Edna Rouse.